Expansion works

Expansion Works Supporting individuals and organizations to expand their Influence

What we do

We provide learning, engagement, and management solutions to support the effectiveness and wellbeing of individuals and socially focused organizations

Our work includes:

  • Human-centered facilitation & Coaching
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program evaluation and co-design
  • Human and employability skills training
  • Intercultural competency
  • Impact measurement
  • Leadership development

We are passionate about supporting goals related to:

Settlement and Integration
Career & personal development
Inclusive leadership
Meaningful work and economic growth
Gender Equity
Community Building

We help by creating customized solutions and working in collaboration with values-aligned professionals to maximize the benefits for our clients

Our partners

Organizations we have worked with

Why us

Our competitive advantage is mainly rooted in the combination of qualifications, dynamic skills set, and personal journey of our team, which gives us the capacity to effectively respond to the expectations of different stakeholders, and enables a service delivery guided by a deep understanding of pressing social issues. 

The bilingual competency is another advantage to offer services in Spanish and English worldwide. 

With these aspects as well as human-centered and result-oriented approaches, we become a hard-to-match service provider.

A key element of Expansion Works’s model is the partners network, which complements our expertise and gives clients the opportunity to access a reliable community of professionals to address diverse needs for multidisciplinary projects. 



“Marialejandra, is a charismatic, eloquent, and thoughtful leader. Her management skills are outstanding. Marialejandra knows how to guide others, gently and clearly, by always listening and offering her support, comfort, and enlightenment. Marialejandra’s reflective, attentive, and responsible personality gave us the opportunity to work in a peaceful, safe and productive work environment. Her confidence and mentorship shined through her work as co-designer of the Let’s talk about Group.”

Sandrine Espié

Women's Leadership and Development Program Coordinator-PIRS | www.pirs.bc.ca

I have known Maríalejandra for approximately 10 years, in which we have had different types of interactions. Firstly, as a student in the Facilitator-Coach and Master Coach programs, where she showed commitment and discipline to the point that at the end of her training process we had the opportunity to assign her the supervision of 2 groups of coaches in training. Her work as a supervisory coach stood out for her dedication and ethics. She also coordinated 2 coaching training programs for us and provided executive coaching and consulting services, resulting in highly satisfactory services. I am a witness to her professionalism and dedication which makes me highly recommend her.

Jesús Berroterán

Director - Indelser Consultores | www.indelser.com

“I feel grateful working with Marialejandra and having her as a program facilitator in supporting newcomer women and connecting them to resources in the community. She has strong communication and relational skills, management abilities, and cross-cultural knowledge. She works well independently and within a team to build a culture of trust and sense of community. I look forward to working more with her on other projects in the future.”

Trixie Ling

Founder and Executive Director - Flavours of Hope | www.flavoursofhope.com

I have had the pleasure of working with Marialejandra in a variety of capacities including her key contributions as facilitator and project leader in a participatory research project about the pathways of immigrant women and, most recently, as co-leaders contracted to design and deliver community dialogues. She brings a unique and valuable combination of skills, insight, compassion, and dedication to her work. Her open-minded, open-hearted approach gives rise to bold and courageous ideas within the teams she works with, while her attention to detail and commitment to a comprehensive understanding of the landscape ensures that steps toward solutions are meaningful and effective. Marialejandra works at all times with integrity, supporting the well-being of those she works with and for, and ensuring that work efforts are directed towards the best possible outcomes for all.

Andrea Solnes

Co-Founder and Resource Developer - FLOW Society | www.flowsociety.ca

Working with Marialejandra from Expansion Works has been an absolute delight. I have been able to collaborate with her on a number of projects ranging from facilitation design, to strategic planning, to impact measurement. With everything that Marialejandra takes on she brings incredible care, attention to detail, and a vision for positive and community-driven change. She keeps projects on track and aligned and has an incredible art at facilitating groups of diverse stakeholders. Expansion Works has a deep commitment to supporting organizations and individuals to address complex social challenges, and this is felt throughout all of their work. I look forward to many more collaborations with Marialejandra in the coming years and am excited to see Expansion Works continue to grow and thrive as they are a real asset to the community.

Annelies Tjebbes

Founder & Executive Director Roots&Rivers Consulting

Marialejandra is an exceptional training facilitator who possesses a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and interpersonal skills. Additionally, She is a master at creating a comfortable and inclusive learning environment, making it easy for attendees to feel at ease and participate fully. Marialejandra has a deep understanding of cultural diversity, and she uses this knowledge to tailor her training sessions to meet the specific needs of her attendees. This makes her sessions truly inclusive and effective for all. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable and a
top-notch facilitator

Serah Gazali

Co-Manager of Women's Economic Council