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Facilitation & public engagement

Online and in-person facilitation to respond to learning, integration, and social innovation needs

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Social Consulting

Tailored services to support social focus organizations in addressing challenges and opportunities to achieve their goals. Full or partial social projects management.

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Strategic Planning

Coaching support for groups seeking to increase clarity on their intended impact and the strategies to achieve it.

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Workshops & Programs for skills development

Customized workshops to address specific project needs and to boost professional or personal development.

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One-on-One Coaching

Get the tailored learning and accountability needed to get where you want to be. Our approach is grounded in holistic practices and the Canadian standards & guidelines for career development practitioners

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Women's Community + Events

Join us and be part of a community committed to supporting your personal and professional growth!

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Facilitation & Public Engagement

Our approach

We partner with clients to co-create sessions responsive to their unique needs and opportunities. We thrive at creating inclusive spaces that engage multiple perspectives and promote equity by centering historically oppressed groups’ voices and lived experiences. Our human-centered facilitation responds to the needs and strengths of different audiences while incorporating holistic approaches to enable innovation, meaningful connections, and transformative learning.

Facilitation services done to date include:

  • Community dialogues
  • Consultations and focus groups
  • Public engagement for needs assessment
  • Sessions for cross-cultural learning and integration
  • Collective Learning on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)
  • Networking events

Social Consulting

Our approach

We take time to understand our client’s definition of success and make sure that every outcome is aligned with this vision. Our results-oriented approach enables efficient management of projects, meeting deadlines and budget expectations. We anticipate challenges and provide timely feedback and alternatives to facilitate critical decision-making. We adapt to emerging needs to ensure seamless execution.

References of past consulting work

  • Environment scan
  • Full or partial project management (Needs assessment. proposal writing, planning, outreach, execution and reporting)
  • Decision-making sessions
  • Impact measurement
  • Facilitation for change management
  • Community-based research

Strategic Planning

Our approach

We guide teams through an inclusive consultation process and in-depth analysis of internal and external data to identify strategies to achieve their intended impact. Specific goals, a flexible action plan, and metrics are developed to increase the chance for success during the implementation phase.  Our coaching modality allows organizations to strengthen their internal capacity for strategic planning and follows the framework of North America’s social innovation leaders Innoweave and The Bridgespan Group.

Strategic Planning services options

  • Strategic planning process | Consultant led
  • Strategic planning process | Team-led (coaching modality)
  • Strategy session
  • Visioning and Ideation sessions

Workshops & Programs for skills development

Our approach

Includes trauma-informed, holistic, and strengths-based practices. We use various interactive resources to ensure an online or in-person delivery that addresses different learning styles. Following adult learning principles we facilitate individual and collective learning by providing opportunities for group discussions, personal reflection, and applications to real-life situations. We are committed to creating learning experiences that expand the perspectives and action possibilities of participants.

References of skills development projects

  • Workshops on employability skills
  • Customized workshops on interpersonal skills
  • Leadership development program
  • Learning resources development

One-on-one Coaching

Our approach

Our coaching practice focuses on the personal aspects that impact performance. Our holistic interventions engage the language, corporal, and emotional dimensions of being. We strive at creating a brave space that facilitates self-expression and practice of new personal competencies. 

Guided by trauma informed and strengths-based approaches we nurture autonomy and long-lasting change.

You can count on us to expand your awareness, keep you accountable and facilitate key learnings needed to achieve personal or professional goals.

What to expect

  • A thought-provoking conversation to explore root causes of professional or personal challenges
  • A guided exploration to increase awareness on core beliefs and triggering situations that limit your potential
  • Assistance to tap into your internal resources and learn the new skills needed to overcome a given challenge
  • Goals setting and action planning to achieve self-defined success
  • Ongoing support, resources, and customized activities to boost your results

One-on-one Coaching can help you to:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Achieve meaningful work through career planning
  • Improve leadership performance
  • Improve significant Relationships
  • Overcome self-defeating beliefs that lead to unwanted personal or professional results

With Maríalejandra Reyes I received valuable support, which resulted in my transformation into a being focused on possibilities. Greater confidence and ambition as well as an expansion in my perspectives are now part of my life, and it is thanks to her experience and her way of doing coaching. For me a loving but challenging way. An assertive coach who will guide you to discover your potential.

Nela Cantor

Organizational Ontological Coach of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

I reached out to Marialejandra for her opinion on how to choose the next profession and it turned out to be the best decision. While interacting with a lot of other coaches feels like a coffee date with a friend, focused on talk therapy, Maria had tools that made the thinking process systematic, and increased my focus. After different assessments, once I decided on my career choice, she kept holding my hand and helped me draft an action plan for my big break. Maria is insightful, resourceful, and tremendously invested in her clients’ success, all of which makes her a go-to choice for all the lost souls out there.

Sidra Mobin

MBA & Business Coach

Women's Community + events

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